Kevin's Buy Box

Are You a Wholesaler or Realtor?

I'll buy your seller finance and subject-to deals in Virginia!


Central Virginia or Northern Virginia

4+ Bedrooms / 3+ Bathrooms


Within 1 Mile of Grocery Store, Gas Station, and/or Bus Route

Entry Fee = 10% or less

Interest Rate = under 5%

Minimal Rehab

Balloon = 7+ Years

ARV = 90% or Less

Purchase Price = $1M or Less

*If the deal looks great in most categories, there can be some wiggle room in others.

The Process

You find and negotiate the deal. I'll buy the property and pay you an assignment fee or commission.

What I Need To See

Property Address

Purchase Price

Repair Estimate


Down Payment and Other Entry Fees Including Arrears

Is it Seller Finance, Subject-To, or Hybrid

Interest Rate

Balloon Info

Current Pictures

Mortgage Balance with Any Other Lien Info

Current Mortgage Statement

Any Other Terms of the Deal

Email all of the information above to


Text me at 540-744-3158.